éditions du temps qui passe

This adventure with le temps qui passe...
is a story of infinit patience which began in 1997.

Originally, the editions du temps qui passe intend to let some people know about my work. Then, these creations were focussing on that purpose. For each new year's beginning, these "objects of correspondences" (books, cd, post-cards) were sent to about a hundred addressees (growing up with time) under careless enclosed packages.

These are thorough opuscules - about A6 paper (that correspond to the size of a standart post-card) or half A6 - elaborated by investigating predilection's subjects according to the inflected ways of expression (writing, illustration, typography, etc). They are printed in offset, published at 250 copies, and handmade.

It comes to constitute - as time goes by - a kind of collection
at the scale of micro-édition.

A break - at the exception of 2009 - happened in 2007.
The spring of scattering in the wind has made its time !
And I do now express my dreams in shorts tear-off calendars where I wonder about my new actions…

Actually, weren't there these ten years of spontaneous sending - that spreads from 1997 to 2007 - a compte à rebours ? »

From 250 copies published - half were sent for new year's times - is left the equivalent's in boxes. I do handmade them during my lost hours (that means that : I fold, I piece sheets together, and I bind).
So, little by little this has been - and is ! - constituing a foundation, which can become an inking point, and the begining of a new manner.

Other times, other ways to distribute…
The time has come with the actual collection, and these to come - in 2010, the editions de temps qui passe welcame a second author - to inaugurate the échoppe.

Pascale Evrard / 2010 december